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Eco-conscious Living


Natural, healthy eco-spaces

The design of all Royal Tulip villas in sarjapur is driven by solid data analytics. The geo-location climate data of the site is mapped to each villa, in order to ensure optimal orientation of the structure and the perfect placement of all openings and vents. This analysis shapes your home to have fresh air, natural light and comfortable temperatures all year through, while also reducing your net energy consumption significantly. Come home to comfort, freshness and savings with a Royal Tulip villa.

  • Sun path & shade analysis to optimise indoor light without adding glare and heat

  • Daylight maximisation using skylights and optimally placed windows creates 110-220 Lux all day indoor light.

  • Heat gain management systems, along with the insulated roof with reflective tiles,  keep indoor areas comfortable, at under 30°, all year through

  • Precisely planned vents and passive cooling systems keep indoor spaces airy and fresh

  • All water taps and fixtures have high-tech flow control mechanisms that  significantly reduces daily water consumption.

  • Use of low VOC paints for better indoor air quality

  • Provision for solar powered water heating and power generation

  • Provision of charging points for electric cars


Villas that are good for you and the planet

With Royal Tulips live amongst spaces that are green in appearance and spirit. Green spaces are planned with local flora, to support local fauna, and are maintained by sustainable processes such as 100% rain-water harvesting and grey water reuse. Embrace nature, activity and the outdoors, be it on long walks along meandering pathways, with full-court team sports or with an open-air session of yoga among the Central Park. Discover natural, hassle-free green living with your Royal Tulip villa.

  • The Central Park - over 2 acres of spread-out green space 

  • Use of only local fauna for all landscaping which drought resistant and provide food for local birds

  • Long, meandering landscaped walkways 

  • Open-air yoga centre and gym among green surroundings

  • Full-court sports for complete fitness

  • Grey water treatment via STP and used for landscaping

  • 100% rainwater harvesting and re-use for non-potable purposes

  • Large, dedicated water storage (5-day) for accumulating and filtering rainwater from villa terraces, before feeding it into the aquifer (harvesting pit)

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